(Signing Of The Bill Of Lading/ Deliver Order Shall Be Presumptive Evidence That You Fully Understand And Accept Forward Intermodal Systems, Forward Logistics, And Forward Equipment's Terms Of Service)


All shipments are subject to individually determined rates or contracts that have been agreed upon in writing between Forward Intermodal Systems / Forward Logistics / Forward Equipment and the Customer, if applicable; otherwise to the rates, classifications, and rules that have been established by Forward Intermodal Systems / Forward Logistics which are available to the Customer per request. All rate estimates are valid for 15 days, and subject to availability and current fuel surcharge. Final charges are subject to change depending on actual scope of work performed.

Shipping / Receiving:

Shipper shall verify the described cargo are properly classified, described, packaged, marked and labeled, and are in proper condition for transportation accordingly to applicable regulations of the U.S. DOT. Consignee shall verify piece count, cargo condition, and exceptions upon receipt of cargo and notify us within 24 hours for any damage, loss, or exception. Empty wooden pallets and any accessories must be returned or exchanged upon pick up / receipt of cargo except prior agreement, otherwise extra charges shall apply without notice.